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Our innovation : to preserve the glycerine naturally formed at the hear of the cœur du savon. We are pleased to present you an exceptional Marseille soap by Rampal Latour.

Attentive to the needs of our contemporaries, it is our duty to know how to take care of sensitive skin.

Marseille soap is the ideal partner for hand and body hygiene, yet its high efficiency - which has earned it the reputation of a cleaner - may tend to dry sensitive skin.

That's why we decided to keep in our Marseille soaps the right dose of natural glycerine from the vegetable oils used in the making of soap.

This ambition met a major challenge: during the traditional manufacturing process of Marseille soap, glycerin was traditionally extracted for resale.

Thanks to a careful observation of the traditional process, and with the help of modern analysis methods, the Rampal Latour soap factory realized the unthinkable: preserve the glycerine naturally constituted by the manufacturing process while ensuring the traditional washing of the dough soap !

Added to the existing virtues of Marseille soap, the protective and moisturizing properties of glycerin, without it being added as a soap additive.

This natural glycerine, known for its moisturizing properties also offers a creamy foam particularly pleasant with Marseille soap.

So with as much glycerin as a moisturizer, the Marseille soap Rampal Latour has become a cosmetic product in its own right, for all skin, even sensitive skin.

The benefits of glycerin of the skin

Many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products contain glycerin, accurately metered in products as varied as soap, shaving cream or skincare creams.

Indeed, glycerin is a humectant agent that has the property of retaining several times its weight in water, making it an indispensable moisturizing active ingredient. Its effect depends on the quantity contained in the product: an increase in the glycerine content will improve its moisturizing and protective effect (Gloor 1997).

 Several studies and publications have demonstrated the many benefits of glycerin on the skin:

  • Glycerine hydrates the stratum corneum, promoting skin elasticity (Froebe 1990, Fluhr 2003).
  • Glycerine repairs the skin barrier: by promoting the synthesis of lipids in the epidermis, it plays an important role in skin repair processes (Fluhr 1999-2008, Bretenritz 2007).
  • Glycerine softens the skin (Batt 1986, Fluhr 2008).
  • Glycerine protects the skin against external aggressions such as cold, atmospheric dryness, pollution, UV (Peak 1980, Froebe 1990, Short 2007).
  • Glycerin regulates the desquamation of the skin and thus preserves the superficial layers of the epidermis (Breternitz 2007, Fluhr 2008).
  • Glycerine has anti-microbial (Saegeman 2007) and virucidal effects (Burns 1994, Cameron 2000).

The glycerin found in cosmetics is often synthetic, derived from petroleum derivatives. Its ecological impact is therefore not negligible. Here is one more reason to favor products containing natural glycerin of plant origin as is the case with the Marseille soap Rampal Latour.

Our extra pure Marseille soap

300g authentic Vegetables oils Marseille soap

Olive oil Marseille soap

Pain 300g de Savon de Marseille blanc aux huiles végétales

Vegetables oils Marseille soap

Authentic Marseille soap for linen

Marseille soap for linen

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