«Inspire her natural beauty…»


Since 1935

After the success of their Marseille soap at the Universal Expo in 1900, the Rampals confirmed their talent as innovators and created, in 1935, the very first bar soap naming it “The Bath”. Eighty years later, the bar soap Rampal Latour has been developed even further: natural, refined, scented, extra gentle, delicate, wholesome and even certified Organic. It has gone around the world yet remains faithful to its Provencal roots.

An expert process of formula and production.

Proud to know that generations of men, women and children have trusted our brand to clean their skin, our soap makers watch over its authenticity and its unique nature, the fruit of the expert work of formula and production. All with the signature of the manufacturer of natural soaps, Rampal Latour.

At Rampal Latour we talk about soap needing the “poetry of gesture” At each step of the process the soap is treated as a living material, a supple and malleable paste, ready to be molded…

An authentic procedure

The traditional and impressive machines (certain ones that date from 1950) mix all the ingredients with a steady, slow rhythm. Through a trap door worn by time, the preparation drops into our two crushers, each with three rollers. The paste is crushed 6 times and is transformed into delicate shavings for a unique, extra fine paste of superior quality. Following their unalterable journey on a conveyor belt connected to the boudineuse, the finely ground soap shavings are then compressed to an exceptional level due to two enormous worm drives. They are then turned into bondons to finish being molded in a unique and intense procedure.

A quality guarantee

All of that guarantees the quality of texture and finishing touches of these soap bars. This savoir faire is the reason for the particular density of Rampal Latour soaps allowing them to last longer without breaking. Finally, the soap maker controls the finishing touches of each soap before delicately taking it in his hands and placing it, still warm, into a wooden crate. Once cooled, they finish their cycle wrapped and packed either by staff at our factory or delivered to the Workers’ Aid services. There they are carefully wrapped by a team of handicapped people who, thanks to our soaps, we are happy to be associated with.

Generous doses of natural ingredients

The exclusive use of 100% vegetable oils (coconut, olive, grapeseed, palm*) or certified organic (olive, sweet almond, argan) is a precious asset. Our uniqueness comes from the fact that all our soaps are rich in vegetable oils which reconstitute the hydro lipid layer of the skin. With regular use, skin is nourished, protected and hydrated. The percentage of oils that we put in our formulas to attain this result is much more than our competitors –because we put between 1.2% and 3% of oils whereas most other brands claiming use of oils put less than 0,1%.

For color we use pigments (mineral powders and green clay) For the antiseptic and soothing virtues the essential oils of lavender , distilled in the Drome Provencale, honey , and generous doses of perfumes (Rose de Grasse, Lavender, Fig, Almond, Vineyard Peach, and Green Tea) chosen from among the best perfumers in France, notably in Grasse.

Innovation: from natural to organic

The demand for natural led us to enrich the classic environment of the Rampal Latour bar soap with the launching in 2008 of our organic line, certified Ecocert. Thanks to our innovations, the certified organic soap came on the scene and expanded the palette of beneficial effects of our products.

Hypoallergenic, rich, nourishing, soothing, exfoliating and purifying…. thanks to our carefully maintained savoir-faire, Rampal Latour’s bar soaps remain unique, ready to enhance the natural beauty of the skin of all ages.

*We guarantee that we are committed to sustainable development of palm oil and are against all deforestation.

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