Delivery Terms

a) Delivery address
Rampal Latour delivers its Products in Metropolitan France (Corsica and Monaco) only.
The Products will be sent to the delivery address that the Client has provided when placing the order.
Delivery costs include all applicable taxes (incl VAT).

b) Time for Delivery of Products The maximum delivery time is 4 working days after confirmation of the order.
This time begins from the moment the order is placed before 12.00am, for all articles which are in stock, and on condition that payment has been made by credit card.

c) Delivery Conditions of Products
The POST OFFICE : “PARCELS WITHOUT SIGNATURE” Delivery costs depend on the weight of your parcel, refer to table.
The tariffs apply to deliveries made in Metropolitan France only (Corsica and Monaco included).
Delivery is free of cost for all orders valued at 80 Euros or above.
The estimated time of delivery is between 24 hours and 48 hours after the parcel has been deposited at the Post Office by Rampal Latour.
The Recipient may track his parcel by using the parcel number he receives by Email, or otherwise, by the intermediary of Customer Services.
The parcel will be placed directly in the letterbox at the delivery address supplied.
In the event that the letterbox is of insufficient size, the parcel will be handed directly over to the Recipient in person, or otherwise and on the initiative of the Post Office to any other person present at the address supplied who accepts the delivery (a neighbour, guardian or concierge).
In this event, the contact details of the person accepting delivery will be indicated on a delivery note that will be placed in the letterbox at the address provided.
In the event that the parcel cannot be delivered in the above mentioned manner, a delivery note will be left by the Post Office in the letterbox of the recipient indicating the address and telephone number of the Post Office where the Recipient may collect the parcel within 14 days.
If the recipient does not collect the parcel within 14 days of the date mentioned on the delivery note, the postal services will return the parcel to our warehouse and the return delivery cost will be invoiced to the Client. The Products will either be reimbursed or delivered again.
In the event of a complaint regarding the delivery, the computerised system (flashage) of the Post Office will be accepted as evidence in the absence of proof to the contrary filed by the Client.

d) Delivery Cost COLISSIMO France, parcels without signature, with tracking

COLISSIMO France, parcels without signature, with tracking.

Delivery costs (1st March, 2014) depend on the weight of your parcel and on the amount of your order.

Weight untill

The amount of your order is <80€

The amount of your order is ≥80€

Net rates

0,25 kg

5,50 €

FREE of charge

0,5 kg

6,30 €

FREE of charge

0,75 kg

7,10 €

FREE of charge

1 kg

7,75 €

FREE of charge

2 kg

8,80 €

FREE of charge

3 kg

10,05 €

FREE of charge

5 kg

12,35 €

FREE of charge

7 kg

14,65 €

FREE of charge

10 kg

18,05 €

FREE of charge

15 kg

20,85 €

FREE of charge

30 kg

29,25 €

FREE of charge

e) On Delivery
The Client agrees to immediately check that the merchandise is correctly delivered, complete and in good condition, before signing the delivery receipt note supplied by the delivery service provider.
If the merchandise delivered is damaged or incomplete, the Recipient must refuse delivery and indicate his reasons for so doing on the delivery note.

f) Late delivery of the Products
In the event of late delivery on a date exceeding 15 working days after the maximum delivery time indicated when the order for the Products is placed, The Client is entitled to cancel his order by contacting Customer Services at Rampal Latour within a maximum of 60 working days to be counted from the end of the maximum delivery time indicated on the order form, except where late delivery is due to a case of force majeure.