16 may 2014 : Opening of our new shop.
Adress : 76 Cours Gimon – 13300 SALON DE PROVENCE


An event in the heart of Salon…

Located on the Cours Gimon with its majestic plane trees, just a few doors down from the tourist office and the Chateau de L’Empéri, Rampal Latour’s new shop is fully visible and accessible. A choice location, just across from the perfume shops and hairdressers, it was fitting to offer the residents of Salon their own real modern soap factory.

A blessing for the residents, locals and tourists who now can go to the factory or downtown to do their shopping.

A plus for the city which keeps as a reference the traditional operational factory on rue Felix Pyat , just behind the Theatre Armand, and its shop located in the heart of the factory.

As for the prices, they are the same in both boutiques. Real factory prices with an excellent price-quality rapport has been an essential criteria at the factory since 1907.

As for the format, the same goes for both boutiques. At Rampal Latour we want our clients to benefit from products individually packaged or in bulk or for the daily pleasure of the economic and ecological advantages of our family size format (5 liter shampoo, 3 liter detergent, soap in bags of 5).

As for the reception by our staff– no compromising – the reception is warm, convivial and pleasant. They are at your service for advice.

As for the hours, the downtown shop is open from 10 to 1 and from 3 to 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday. It’s an asset we want to guarantee to better meet your needs and desires. The factory shop is open Monday through Friday 9-12 and 2 – 6.

A contemporary atmosphere for the boutique downtown and an authentic 1900’s atmosphere for the factory shop.

There is something for the needs of all generations and always in guaranteeing a large assortment of good, true soaps, traditional, and even certified organic that we have produced ourselves here since 1907 in our famous factory on Felix Pyat street.

The guarantee to wash with an authentic soap of superior quality , full of beneficial virtues , extra gentle for the skin and respectful of the environment.

A decidedly Rampal Latour signature.