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Our know–how is more than just for appearance sake. We recognize and are grateful to the men and women of our factory for their skills in this authentic a rt, learned and transmitted with passion for 185 years.

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For 185 years, the men and women of our soap making business have contributed to its development. A strong set of values embodied by each and everyone: authenticity, quality, relationship, respect and tradition—are the basis and core components of our unique enterprise.

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Our history begins in 1828 when Pierre Rampal became Master Soapmaker at the Court-de-Payen soap factory in Marseille.

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A visit to our one hundred year old factory at 71 rue Felix Pyat in Salon de Provence is more than a discovery; it’s truly a voyage into a little known universe. From the moment you enter the profuse perfume of natural soap will gently lead and guide you, staying closely with you.

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