Live the rhythm of Provence

«Geneviève Patou»

Since 1951

A historical product, a modern brand

Shampoo’s entrance into the Rampal soap universe coincided with the arrival of a woman at the head of the business. It was Germaine, the daughter of the master soap maker Jacques Rampal, who conducted business during the Second World War Her brother Rene joined her in 1941 and together they faced a world in full transformation.

Pioneers in innovation, it was in 1951 they created, introduced, and produced a unique new product: a liquid shampoo that was three-in-one: for hair, body and bath. The famous, never equaled shampoo “Geneviève Patou”!

Faithful to family tradition, they developed a natural product. Enriched with honey that nourishes, softens, provides volume and shine to hair, and scented with honeysuckle for a delicate, unforgettable freshness, the success was immediate. The soap factory on Felix Pyat Street in Salon de Provence breathed new life.

Backed by its unique historical formula, Genevieve Patou honeysuckle shampoo remains a best seller in our shop. Still produced in our factory, it is the perfect example of products that are true, simple and good.

Extra gentle for hair, it is also appropriate for fragile skin. In family size packaging it is unbeatable for its price-quality ratio.

Since those historical events Rampal Latour’s shampoo/shower gel has closely reflected the evolution of society. In 2008 their formulas met the norms for organic cosmetics and were at the heart of the Certified Organic line of Rampal Latour. One success led to another and our new shampoo/shower gel, accredited ECO-CERT and certified COSMEBIO, received the honor of “Best Organic Line of the Year” at the New York International Gift Show in 2010.

With the utmost respect…

The bicentennial experience of our soap makers has allowed us to develop a particular attention and high standard for the methods of production of our shampoos. A specially conceived and equipped laboratory provides the secure conditions needed to respect the hygiene and safety norms.

Regular controls are done as soon as the raw materials arrive, then are stored and handled with care. These controls continue for the duration of the production and packaging of the shampoos and shower gels: bacterial analysis, PH, viscosity, sensory and visual analyses, volume and weight controls, and quality control.

All the stages in the production of our shampoo/shower gel until the final packaging, are performed at our historical address in Salon de Provence.

…and naturally

Our organically certified shampoo/shower gel contains natural raw materials from organic gardens having the guarantee of 99% organic (instead of 95% as required by Ecocert). This means no synthetic elements are used. No OGM, no silicones, parabens, PEG, glycols, paraffin, Vaseline or EDTA. Like all the Rampal Latour soaps, our shampoo / shower gels are easily biodegradable.

As for the packaging of this line, it is consistent with our careful attention and respect for the environment. All the containers are recyclable.

We develop shampoo/shower gels that are filled with a variety of qualities since the goodness of nature is at the heart of our primary mission –making traditional and natural soaps.

To nourish, hydrate/moisturize, soften, calm, purify, fortify, and tone both hair and skin we use virgin olive and sweet almond oil certified 100% organic combined with certified organic Aloe Vera and a Biolipide , a natural active ingredient derived from coconut and sunflower oil. It is then enriched with honey, clay, rose water, lavender, orange flower, grapefruit, lemon verbena, sage, bergamote and all the good things still to be found.

For more than 60 years Rampal Latour’s shampoo-shower gel «Genevieve Patou» has kept its natural talent of enhancing people’s lives. Extraordinary and good for you, like life in Provence, it is a reminder of the simple, good, true moments.

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