«Come and try an exceptional soap : the Rampal Latour Marseille Soap.»

A new page of history
for Rampal Latour

The Rampal Latour Soap factory has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label as a Company of Living Heritage from the Government for the excellence of their knowledge, for holding rare economic heritage and the excellent reputation of the cultural dimensions of their performance and site.
For this reason, Rampal Latour is now a member of an international network of companies of excellence led by shared values: adaptability, reactiveness, innovation and professional fulfilment.

The EPV label is attributed by the French government, represented by the Minister of Economy and Finance.

Provence tradition preserved
It is with particular thanks to our Marseilles Soap, manufactured since 1828 in full accordance with the « Marseille » methods, that we are proud to be one of the Living Heritage Companies.

This cult product, which has become a symbol of our heritage, bears witness to our craftsmen’s manufacturing methods which fully respect a centuries-old tradition.

It is a fact that the Rampal Latour Marseille Soap has been made for 190 years in accordance with the “Marseille” methods which the Colbert Decree determined in 1688. To preserve the authenticity of the manufacturing of this noble product, and to protect our users, we are in full respect of this tradition:

EXTRA PURE: the Rampal Latour Marseille Soap is made exclusively from 100% purified vegetable oils of which we guarantee that at least 72% are present in the final product.

NATURAL: it does not contain any perfumes, colouring or preserving agents, nor additives.
According to tradition, our Marseille soap cube is stamped on all 6 sides.

EXTRA GENTLE: but we have gone even further because our Marseille soap is even more gentle to skin!

The secret of such unequalled gentleness
By closely observing the processes, and with the help of modern techniques of analysis, we have discovered the secret to preserve the glycerine which is formed naturally during manufacturing, yet we can guarantee traditional washing of the soap paste! Glycerine, renowned for its protective and moisturising properties*, is thus naturally present in our Marseille soaps.

An innovation that is good for our skin and for nature
This truly traditional and innovative procedure is our pride: while improving the dermatological benefits of Marseille soap, our manufacturing procedure is now even more respectful of nature because it uses 4 times less water and 7 times less energy.
Purer than extra pure, the Rampal Latour Marseille Soap is made from raw materials of the highest purity and whose natural benefits to the skin are assured.
Of course, it remains Ecocert Greenlife COSMOS NATURAL** certified and is also easily biodegradable.