In spite of their name, these flakes are not at all flashy!

Soap flakes

Since 1945

Tradition and innovation in a soap making factory

In 1945 when Pierre Rampal’s heirs decided to transform their basic soap into extra-fine flakes, a new product was born. Traditional yet modern at the same time, this new form of laundry detergent entered provencal homes, then crossed the country and the generations in spite of the tough competition they had from chemical detergents.

But of course, quality was the deciding factor in the future of soap flakes.

For us, master soap makers since 1828, soap flakes are the proof of the maturity of a traditional savoir faire. Authentic, they come from pure soap guaranteed 100% vegetable oil.

The craft of production

Each stage of the production and its expert orchestration provides specific qualities:

The soap flakes, 100% vegetable oil, hypoallergenic or scented, provide beneficial qualities for the environment, skin, and laundry (even for babies or the most delicate items).

The transformation of soap into flakes, thanks to an extra-fine grinder with 6 rollers, guarantees a refined texture, capable of cleaning deeply.

A sensation of soft, clean, healthy and natural reappears as these pure soap flakes dry in open air for several days.

Turned over carefully with a fork by our craftsmen guarantees a homogenous quality. Once dried, the flakes are weighed and packaged by the same skilled and gentle hands.

Then the soap flakes are ready to be mixed in your machine or to be easily diluted for a gentle and effective washing by hand respecting the fabric, the skin and the environment.

The effectiveness of soap flakes is certified at all temperatures. See our recommandations of use.

An ecological laundry product

Star product of our Household line, soap flakes follow our Nature Charter
– • An easily biodegradable, 100% vegetal origin:
¤without artificial cleansers or colors,
¤without synthetic perfume or softeners,
¤without parabens, EDTA, preservatives, or foaming agents.
– Our flakes respect the environment by limiting their impact,
– A recyclable packaging
– Our engagement for sustainable development of palm oil and against deforestation

Simple, good and true

Rampal Latour’s soap flakes remain fashionable without being extravagant. They will never stop surprising you with their freshness and provencal nature thanks to their sunny notes of olive oil and floral touches of rose. Clean and wholesome and delicate laundry, for the whole family, even baby’s linens. An ecological, economical and confident choice.

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