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The only Marseille soap that keeps skin from drying

Our Marseille soap is a natural care for skin every day. The production procedure patented by Rampal Latour, preserves the moisturizing power of the glycerine naturally produced during the saponification process.

Rampal Latour : manufacturer of the genuine Marseille soap, organic cosmetics
and home care products that protect your skin and our environment.

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Protect baby's skin

When skin is fragile and permeable, as it is with babies, or sensitive, as it is with pregnant women, it can allow harmful substances to penetrate.

By applying precautionary principle, Rampal Latour has formulated a new range of products that exclude ingredients listed by SafeLife as potentially dangerous, ingredients such as allergens and endocrine disrupters which, in the long term, could cause health problem.

With an exceptionally high level of protection for the skin, our new range is particularly well adapted for babies and pregnant women.

Protect baby's skin
Our tips for baby care

Genuine and ecological Marseille soap

Marseille Soap is much more than a soap. It is the pride of Provence. The passion of a craft. A praise to nature. A wholesome presence. A lifestyle. Rampal Latour’s secret? From a taste for innovation, for the constant modernization of production tools to the audacity of manufacturing propositions. All that of course, without skimping on the quality and tradition. For us, pioneers in the art of making the true Marseille soap. It’s the reminder of the trust our clients have shown us for 190 years.

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