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Magnetic soap holder

Rampal Latour
Tired of soaps that take on water and melt visibly?
The magnetic soap dish increases the life of your solid soaps up to 160g.
6.95 €
  1. Solid products are economical and ecological but their conservation is not always easy: impractical plastic box (nor aesthetic), soap that bathes in water... Result: we abandon our new (good) habits for lack of practicality.
    Discover our magnetic soap dish: a clever and ingenious system which extends the lifespan of your solid products and facilitates their use.

    How does it work?
    1- Push the metal insert into your product (soap or solid shampoo).
    2- Attach the suction cup to a smooth, smooth, clean and dry surface.
    3- Assemble the two magnetic parts and tada! it's already over.
    4- Enjoy your favorite solid products without constraint.

    Our magnetic soap dish in a few words:
    Economical: it extends the life of your products.
    Hygienic: your favorite products are preserved from water.
    Committed: it is made in France in the Pays de la Loire region.
    Practical: installed in no time at all (without glue or drilling) and can be repositioned ad infinitum.
    Versatile: it preserves both soaps and solid shampoos (up to 160 grams).
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