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Almost perfect soap

Rampal Latour
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We didn't think it was possible, and yet...!
Discover our zero-waste multi-use soap, made from soap scraps from our Savon de Marseille productions.
The small ecological and committed gesture for the planet!
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  1. What does it actually mean?
    During the manufacture of our Marseille soap, we sometimes have soap scraps, which we cannot put back in our cauldrons in order to guarantee a stable recipe and a constant color. Indeed, we manufacture our Marseille soap according to the traditional process called "Marseillais" which, via very strict constraints, guarantees an authentic Marseille soap.

    But at Rampal Latour, ecology is an important pillar of our work. We therefore suggest that you adopt one of our almost perfect little soaps in order to give them a second life! Yes, these soaps are a little less beautiful than our olive oil Marseille soaps, but we assure you, they retain all their effectiveness for the maintenance of your home!

    Warning: the appearance of the soap can vary greatly, it is not perfect, but that's why we love it! Color that varies, small chips, marking, it is perfectly imperfect. Out of stock ? Don't worry, we will regularly put some back on sale!

    Even almost perfect, it is always without additives, colorings, preservatives, and fragrances. We make it in our workshop, in Provence, in Salon de Provence.

    The little extras that change everything:
    • Suitable for vegans
    • Zero waste
    • Living Heritage Company label – The excellence of French know-how

  2. INCI ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua(Water), Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide.

    The glycerin in Rampal Latour soap is generated naturally during saponification, and not added.

  3. Our 150g Almost Perfect Soap Bar is ideal for cleaning all surfaces around the home.
    Against laundry stains, rub the area to be stained directly before washing.
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